Bild von Gregorius Mättig mit Epitaph Dr. Mättigs im St. Petri-Dom Bautzen
A word of welcome from: Ch. Schramm | R. Pappai | Board & Executive Committee of the Sparkassen-Foundation for the District of Bautzen

A word of welcome

Christian Schramm, Major of BautzenDear readers, dear webpage visitors,

Bautzen is worth a visit. A lot of guests already know this. But Bautzen is also worth a visit to explore its historical past, for a lot of interesting personalities have a close and even biographical connection with this city. One of the most remarkable historical figures is certainly Dr. Gregorius Mättig.

His personal commitment to his place of origin was manifold: he served his home town and its citizens as a local politician, a medical doctor, a political thinker and finally as a benefactor.
In particular, by creating a lasting foundation, he established himself a worthy reputation far beyond his own lifetime. He shared what he had earned and he established different foundations for the benefit of his fellow men; they served to provide education (how very modern!), but also to offer protection against other forms of hardship.

Education as an opportunity for a better future: it provided the key for students to open up doors, to tap into new possibilities. But Mättig also helped the needy and the hungry. It is therefore not surprising that one of the streets and a school bear his name.

Many foundations have perished due to wars, inflationary cycles, social upheavals or ideological conflicts, or live on in nothing but their name, their financial means having all but vanished. This is also true of the various Mättig foundations. Yet, this benefactor and his interests never really quite completely disappeared. The message of providing help and assistance rings true even today. We suspect, yes, we know, that a solidly united and living town brings out the best in all. Respect and mindfulness for each other surely counts among man's greatest gifts. This is what really makes a town come to life, even more than beautiful building façades or a greatly executed edifice. The most important building stones of a city are of course its citizens.

It has so happened that in our times, descendants of Mättig have gathered to further and accomplish his supportive work. Mindful of their ancestor's ideals, they want to revive this Foundation which had perished in the vicissitudes of time. They want to commit themselves, actively seeking partners, soliciting help from all the citizens of our town and their friends. Each year, during the commemorative celebrations, a grant will be made available.

In this way, a future can grow out of the past. Bridges can be built to link Bautzen's historical past with its future. He or she who has the possibility to help construct this bridge, has now found an opportunity. He or she who seeks to commit him or herself, has come to the right place.

Bautzen as the centre of Upper Lusatia and its region therefore not only obtains another dash of historical colour with the newly established Mättig Foundation, but also an important stepping stone for future generations.

I wish the Foundation every success and God's blessing.

Christian Schramm, mayor of Bautzen.